"I needed to be somewhere different. Maybe I needed to be someone different, too."

The Clearing, Heather Davis    (via seulray)

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"All I want is the best of everything and there’s very little of that left."

Cecil Beaton  (via theburnthatkeepseverything)

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"You’ll always be my favorite what-if."

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"Lust is Saturday night; love is Sunday morning."


I remove my lens cap & my lenses flutter open to a new day.
I rub them clean of any sleep residue
before going to my kit and putting on my filter.
I see you. I capture you. I stare at you in awe.
I recap to you & recognize you. Save you in my memory. & load for another.
I’m captivated & focused. I want to take more pictures; no. A video then playback frame by frame.
I want to snap every angle of you onto my wall.
Blur out the extra because you stand in emphasis.
Appreciating my model is a very important process.
Surrounded in this element. Nature. Cursed mother. I admire your bravery & now everyone can see your strength & mystery.
Press my button and there you will be moved.
An illustration. No. Just a piece of all the things I can show you and a preview of what could be !
Take me. Your weapon. & together, we will not only open eyes but draw a better perspective and a new appreciation and the right definition of beauty !
Art. A form unlike any other. Embodying anything it wants & making the viewer believe.
Art. A manipulative thing. Stunning you are, my muse.